Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Massage techniques of all kinds are known to help people find relief from ingrained patterns of stress and tension that materialize in the form of debilitating back, neck and shoulder pain. Deep tissue massage has been found to be very effective at releasing tension and stiffness in all of the major muscle groups in the neck, shoulders and back, providing you with instant relief that lasts far longer than any pain medication. Deep tissue massage is so effective, it has become part of the training regimen of professional athletes and Olympic athletes all around the world.

Here at Advanced Back & Neck Care, we provide deep tissue massage treatments to people from all walks of life looking for relief from the damaging effects of stress, strain, injury and overwork. If you have been looking for relief from a strained neck or overworked back, recovering from an injury or a recent surgery, read on to see how Advanced Back and Neck’s deep tissue massage treatments can help.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

On the superficial level, deep tissue massage seems like other forms of massage, such as therapeutic massage or Swedish massage. Unlike Swedish massage, however, deep tissue massage is focused primarily on reaching muscles and fascia at significantly deeper levels. In deep tissue massage, the massage therapist may achieve this by using heightened pressure or a firmer touch than would commonly be used in traditional therapeutic or Swedish massage. People sometimes claim that deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable or intense, but this is actually a myth of sorts. Medical studies have shown without any question that deep tissue massage provides patients with significant benefits, particularly those outlined below.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Stress is one of the most pressing problems in our time. People from all walks of life are afflicted with the deleterious effects of stress on all levels. Stress is not only felt physically, it impacts you mentally and emotionally, causing a marked reduction in a person’s ability to focus. Be reducing the tension that occurs as a result of hours at your desk or in stressful work and family related situations, deep tissue massage will provide you with a significant release of muscular tension that will have a beneficial affect on your physical health, as well as your mental and emotional well being.

One of the main reasons that people seek a massage therapist is to deal with chronic pain. Athletes, accident victims, office workers and surgical patients all have one thing in common — they tend to live with pain day in and day out. Chronic pain can afflict a person in all of the major muscle groups in the body. Whether your pain occurs in the neck, lower back, joints or the extremities, there is significant clinical evidence that deep tissue massage can help you manage your pain and improve your daily life.

The cumulative effect of pain relief and relaxation is an improvement in the patient’s range of motion. When you have suffered a sports injury or your have had a surgical procedure, it is likely that you will be stiff and that you will find movement to be painful. By relaxing the muscles in the pain stricken area, deep tissue massage can help improve your range of motion, restoring your body to normal functioning more quickly that would happen if you did not have deep tissue massage.

One of the most important ways that you will benefit from deep tissue massage is in the area of your comprehensive health. Pain and stress naturally cause an increase in our heart rate and blood pressure, which can be dangerous to our health if sustained over a long period of time. When you reduce stress and alleviate pain through deep tissue massage, you will immediately find your blood pressure and heart rate are reduced to normal levels, promoting improved long term health.

Deep Tissue Massage from Advanced Back & Neck Care

If you are suffering from ingrained patterns of stress and tension, suffering from stiffness and pain in your shoulders, neck and back, deep tissue massage may be the perfect way to alleviate that tension and get you feeling better again. At Advanced Back & Neck Care we are your deep tissue massage experts, able to offer you all of the best deep tissue massage treatments available today. To find out more, contact us online, call 480-814-7115, or come to the Advanced Back & Neck Care treatment center in Chandler, AZ to speak to one of our licensed massage therapists about all of the ways that you can benefit from deep tissue massage and other forms of massage therapy.

Dr. David Voyer

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