3 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

Despite the many types of personal injuries, all personal injury claims have one thing in common: they are accidents that happen due to the negligence of someone else. With this in mind, not all injuries are identical, and some injuries are best treated by a chiropractor who specializes in personal injury.

In fact, beyond treating the injury, there are three ways that a chiropractor can actually help with the personal injury claim itself.

1- Thorough Documentation of Chiropractic Treatment Improves your Chances for a Full and Favorable Settlement

Whether you are injured in a car accident or suffer childbirth injuries to your pelvis and need chiropractic careyou will want the defendant to pay for all of these medical expenses. However, because trials and settlements take time, you may need to seek out chiropractic care before the case goes to trial. Just because you received medical care doesn’t necessarily mean the jury will deem it as “medically necessary.” A good chiropractor can treat you AND fulfill the necessary steps to help you receive a favorable settlement.

Personal injury claims are not likely to be settled without the proper documentation showing that your chiropractic care was a reasonable and necessary medical expense. The chiropractors of Advanced Back and Neck in Chandler, Arizona understand the importance of the following documentation:

2- Working with Insurance Companies

Sustaining an injury is never pleasant, but dealing with the logistics of insurance and receiving treatment quickly is just additional stress. Working with chiropractors experienced with personal injury claims can help relieve the stress of worrying about out-of-pocket expenses. Advanced Back & Neck understands this and works with insurance companies to make sure that the patient’s care is the first priority, not billing headaches. Advanced Back & Neck accomplishes this by:

3- Chiropractic Counsel Leads to More Timely Claims

Any injury you sustain due to the negligence of another is considered a personal injury, and that could include medical malpracticeproduct defect injuries, or workplace injuries. However, not all of those injuries are best treated by a chiropractor. For instance, a surgical error to the skin is best treated by a plastic surgeon, but a surgical error to the musculoskeletal system can be treated by a chiropractor. A personal injury chiropractor can help your personal injury claim by advising which, if any, of your injuries, can be treated and what the best course of action is.

It’s important to know that even if you do not feel pain immediately, it is still vital to check in with your chiropractor. The extent of certain injuries is not always immediately apparent, and immediate care prevents delays in your healing as well as your claim. For instance, if you self-treat with pain medication, you may be masking an injury to misaligned vertebrae. Seeking counsel within 24-72 hours after an accident improves the outcome of your healing as well as ensuring that a timely claim is made. Remember that if you wait too long and realize too late that you need chiropractic care, the statute of limitations prohibits you from filing a claim.

Advanced Back and Neck: Personal Injury Chiropractor in Arizona

If you have been involved in a personal injury, the Arizona staff at Advanced Back & Neck is here to help! Contact us today if you are injured and need chiropractic care, if you have questions about your insurance coverage, or if you are unsure how to proceed with your claim. Request an appointment today and begin your journey to better health.

Dr. David Voyer

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